Above and Below Board Game
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Monopolis Above and Below Base Tabletop, Board and Card Game
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90 minutes


For 2-4 Players (best with 3 Players)

Boardgamegeek Rank:
Board Game Rank 387
Thematic Rank 61

Mfg Suggested Ages: 13 and up
Playing Time: 90 120 minutes

Category: City Building, Exploration, Fantasy
Mechanism: Card Drafting, Deck / Pool Building, Dice Rolling, Set Collection, Storytelling, Trading, Worker Placement


Above and Below is a mashup of town-building and storytelling where you and up to three friends compete to build the best village above and below ground. In the game, you send your villagers to perform jobs like exploring the cave, harvesting resources, and constructing houses. Each villager has unique skills and abilities, and you must decide how to best use them. You have your own personal village board, and you slide the villagers on this board to various areas to indicate that they've been given jobs to do. Will you send Hanna along on the expedition to the cave? Or should she instead spend her time teaching important skills to one of the young villagers?

A great cavern lies below the surface, ready for you to explore-- this is where the storytelling comes in. When you send a group of villagers to explore the depths, one of your friends reads what happens to you from a book of paragraphs. You'll be given a choice of how to react, and a lot will depend on which villagers you brought on the expedition, and who you're willing to sacrifice to succeed. The book of paragraphs is packed with encounters of amazing adventure, randomly chosen each time you visit the cavern.

At the end of the game, the player with the most well-developed village wins!