Stock update! NEmesis!

Monopolis Stock update!:

New Items

Cthulhu death may die 1560rb
Deep Blue 795rb
Hadara 795rb
Last Bastion 875rb
Megacity oceania 875rb
Nemesis 2300rb
Undaunted normandy 560rb
Wordsmith 480rb

7 wonders duel 480rb
agricola 965rb
Blueprints 480rb
Cacao 560rb
Catan Junior 480rb
Concept 640rb
Cryptid 690rb
Hare and Tortoise 390rb
Jaipur 395rb
Just one 395rb
Layers 480rb
Obscurio 795rb
Ramen Fury 160rb
Rise of augustus 640rb
Seasons 795rb
Unlock Heroic 480rb
Zooloretto 795rb

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