Stock update! Everdell , Tapestry, Wingspan! So much more!

Monopolis Stock update 14 nov 2019:
New Stock
Arkham Horror Dream eaters 465rb
Black Orchestra Board upgrade 190rb
Cosmic Encounters Cosmic incursion expansion 385rb
Cosmoc encounter Cosmic Dominion expansion 385rb
Decrypto Laserdrive Expansion 230rb
Everdell 925rb
Homesteaders 10th anniversary base game 1230rb
Homesteaders 10th anniversary Expansion New Beginnings 460rb
Neta Tanka Deluxe Version 1200rb
Neta Tanka Kickstarter edition 1080rb
Shadow rivals 525rb
Sleeve Kings 45 x 68 25rb
Sleeve kings 56 * 87 30rb
Sleeve Kings 57.5 x 89 30rb
Sleeve Kings 63.5 x 88 30rb
Storm Hollow Limited Edition Treasury 3390rb
Tapestry 1600rb
Teotihuacan Late classic period 540rb
Tiny epic Mechs 465rb
Towers of Amharb 695rb
Towers of arkhanos 620rb
Wongamania: Banana Economy 415rb
Zombicide Special Guest art Box John Kovalic 385rb
Zombicide Special Guest art box Keven Walker 385rb
Zombicide Special Guest art Box Miguel Coimbra 385rb
Black Orchestra 2nd edition 925rb
Champions of Midgard realistic resource token 30 meat and 20 wood 385rb
Crusaders Deluxified 1880rb
Champions of Midgard realistic token 385rb
Decrypto 365rb
Escape Tales the awakening 465rb
Potion Explotion second edition 775rb
Quacks of Quedlinburg 850rb
The Grizzled armistice 785rb
Tiny epic galaxies 465rb
Wingspan 850rb
Zombicide Special Guest art box Adrian Smith 385rb
Zombicide Special Guest art Edouard guiton 385rb
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