Monopolis Stock update 23 January 2019!

Monopolis Stock Update 23 January 2019
New Items
8 Bit Box - Double Rumble 260rb
8 Bit Box 630rb
Farmini 170rb
Ishtar Gardens of Babylon 750rb
Katamino Pocket 325rb
King Of tokyo Monster Pack Cybertooth 170rb
Little Battle 170rb
Little town 450rb
Mission Calaveras 250rb
Monsieur Carrousel 495rb
Quantik 540rb
SOS Dino 495rb
Troll and dragon 280rb
Zoo Run 280rb
Arena For the Gods 550rb
Hellapagos 325rb
Kanagawa 450rb
Katamino Family 540rb
King of new york 750rb
King of new york Power up 300rb
King of Tokyo - Monste Pack cthulhu 170rb
King of Tokyo Monster pack anubis 170rb
King Of tokyo Monster Pack King kong 170rb
Legendary Forest 390rb
Sea Of Clouds 390rb
The Legend of Cherry tree 300rb
Triolet 420rb
Yogi 185rb
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