Monopolis Stock Update!

Monopolis Stock update 8 maret 2019

New StockĀ 

Brain connect 350rb
Coimbra 1080rb
Cubeez 275rb
Exploding kittens Exp Streaking Kittens 180rb
Harry potter magical beast 525rb
Monopoly gamer power pack ecomm bundle #1. 230rb
Monopoly gamer power pack ecomm bundle #2. 230rb
Once Upon A Castle 445rb
Planet 750rb
Scarabya 535rb

Restock 8 Maret 2019:

Adventure land 720rb
Cards against humanity 585rb
Cenayang 195rb
Dancing Eggs 385rb
Dokmus 620rb
Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle 950rb.
Exploding Kittens Red 450rb
Exploding kittens Black NSFW 450rb
Exploding Kittens exp Imploding Kittens 350rb.
Game of Life 480rb
Imhotep 620rb
joking hazard 620rb
King of Tokyo 600rb
Monopoly Gamer Collectors Edition. 770rb
Monopoly Ultimate Banking 600rb
Monopoly Cheaters Edition 560rb
Sequence 495rb
The Little Orchard 350rb
Unstable unicorn 530rb
Queendomino 565rb

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